informatica 4º in English

  1. Today after the initial test we can start talking about syllabus
    The 1st unit we work infomàtics systems. You know some of these things should be working more and more specifically how to install software and operating systems installed.
    1.1 Operating SystemsSystem Functions operatiu.Tipus operating systems ..The operating system is the set of different programs that control the operation of a computer. Its functions, among others, are to manage the transfer of information internally, to ensure communication with the computer operators monitor the implementation of programs to detect errors, automatically chaining tasks, optimize resources (memory, arithmetic unit, etc.), upload and download programs automatically depending on memory space and the various peripheral


    The operating system software is responsible for managing resources in a terminal. The operating system acts as a host of different application programs that normally run on a machine. One of the main functions is to manage the details of the operation of the hardware, so that several programs will not be overturned deal, and making it easier and relieving the development process of these applications. The vast majority of computers, from cell phones, personal computers, game consoles to supercomputers, using any operating system. 

      Basic functions

    Operating systems in its capacity as software layer that facilitate and simplify the management of the computer, take a number of basic functions essential to the management team. Among the most important, each played by an internal component (monolithic kernel module and server micronuclei), we can mention the following:

    To provide more comfort in using a computer.
    To manage efficiently the resources of the computer services for running processes (programs)
    Provide an interface to the user, executing instructions (commands).
    Allow changes due to development of the OS itself can be made without interfering with services already lent (evolutivitat).
    Operating systems provide various services to application programs and users. Applications can access these services through APIs (application programming interfaces or application programming interface) or via system calls. In mobile systems and desktop GUI (graphical user interface) is usually part of the operating system, while larger systems and multi-user, the GUI is implemented as a separate program from the operating system. For the functions of the hardware (hardware) and input (input) and output (output) and memory allocation, the operating system acts as an intermediary between application programs and computer hardware.
    Some of the most common operating systems are Microsoft Windows, GNU / Linux, Mac OS X  also Solaris. Microsoft Windows is what is by far the highest market share in the segments of the computers and laptops, Microsoft Windows is a family of proprietary operating systems used on most personal computers and is the most common operating systems for personal computers with a 90% share mercat.Mentre in the segment servers and embedded systems use is divided between various operating systems.
    Rap and Internet activity in a list of operating systems that you can complete the month and make an outline on your Notebook 

    Operating systems (OS) are classified by type of technology (and other Unix and Windows), the ownership and license (proprietary or open source), stage of development (historical DOS, OS / 2, etc. … or assets such as GNU / Linux and Windows), type of application (GNU / Linux and Windows, are of general application, for example), personal computer (DOS, Apple), only mainframe (AIX) , operating exclusively in real time or integrated system (QNX), if for a PDA, which has purpose (production, research, entertainment, etc.). Obviously, this classification can be cross.

    For users

    Single-user: Operating systems that only allow a user to work with. In this category we can distinguish 2 types:
    Strict single-user system: When the operating system does not work with the concept of user. We could say that there is only one default user. An example of single-user operating system is MS-DOS.
    Laxe system single-user mode ‘: For example, all versions of Windows (Windows 9x, ME, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7 …) but allow different users to concurrently (except that they have a Terminal Server ).
    Multiuser: Operating systems that allow multiple users to work on time. For example, Unix / GNU / Linux or Windows server versions.
     For the number of concurrent processes
    Monoprogramació: can only run a process and the rest have to wait for the finish.
    Multiprogramació or tasking: can run several processes simultaneously. Note that a particular instant in time can only have more of a process running at the same time if we have more than one processor (multi). This should highlight the operating systems that have planning and expulsive that (the DOS example is allowing a process to monopolize the CPU utilization without the system may drive the CPU)

    By number of processors

    Monoprocés: Only a microprocessor to handle simultaneously. An example of monoprocessador operating system is Windows 9x.
    Multiprocessing: They can work with multiple microprocessors together. Examples of operating systems are multiprocessing Unix / GNU / Linux, Sun / OS and Windows NT/2000.
    According to the planning process
    There are two possible classifications:

    With time restriction

    Real Time Operating Systems: Dedicated to real-time applications are very specific operating systems for industrial and military fields.
    Interactive Systems: These are the “usual” where the machine interacts with the input and output of the system without any processing in real time.
    No time constraints:
    Batch processing (batch) system widely used in the early systems. This system is used for technological reasons (CPUs were much faster than the systems I / O and processing system was the best batch in order to maximize the CPU usage).

Graphical interface and shell windows

It is known from desktop. Windowd applications and functions occur within the window that has the properties:

.moves across the desktop
.can change its size
.can maximize
.You can minimize
.can be closed
Under the desk is located on the taskbar where the start button are located and also the icons are located in pprogramari that is running.

Graphical interface and shell Linux 

To had a graphic interfas still a linux command interprete with great potential and both families versalitat.Tenim Gnome and KDE. There are great differences between elles.El work is done by cotmands is an environment unfriendly but resolute. 

When  keep the summary to your Notebook the teacher asks the activities of the session

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